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Automotive Training Resources

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Last Update: July 30, 2020

Automotive technician training is an absolute must these days to keep technician skills up-to-date. The technology in new vehicles is constantly changing, so there must be an ongoing commitment to training so technicians don't fall behind or make expensive mistakes. Many new car dealerships require a minimum of 8 hours of training a year for ALL technicians. For advanced diagnostic work, even more training may be necessary.

Training includes taking online courses, attending training seminars and workshops, attending vehicle manufacturer and other technical schools, in-shop training, hands-on training, even reading automotive trade magazines and reading automotive technical articles.

Achieving ASE certification is also important because it forces technicians to review their skills and study up on things they may not know or might have forgotten.

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (ASE's educational arm) certifies education programs that meet NATEF criteria. Over 1400 secondary and post-secondary training programs have achieved NATEF certification. So if you are looking for advanced training, visit NATEF's website for a list of schools and locations in your area.

NATEF's phone number is 703-713-0100.

Below is a list of automotive training resources technicians and shop owners can use to sharpen their technical skills:


ACDC Automotive Career Development Center (Craig Van Batenburg hybrid vehicle training)

AC Delco Training

AESWAVE Training Books & Manuals

Alldata Online Training Courses

American Advanced Technicians Institute Corp (AATI)

ASE Online Testing & Education Center Take self-assessment tests for credit online

ATA Automotive Training Authority

ATG Training

ATECH Training

ATTS Automotive Technician Training Services

AutoCareVideo (online training videos)

Automotive Service Assn. (ASA) Training Info

Automotive Training Center

Autonerdz.com (automotive diagnostic training by Tom Roberts)

Automotive Video OnDemand (training videos)

Autoshop 101 Training & Resource Site

Bergwall Productions (training CDs & videos)

Bosch Training Courses

Carley Automotive Quick Reference Diagnosis & Repair Software

carleysoftware link

Larry's Guide to Check Engine Light Diagnostics
(PDF ebook)

CarQuest Training Institute

CCAR Safety Training for Technicians

Chrysler Automotive Career Program (CAP) Training

CISE Electronics (Spanish language automotive training resource)

Collision Industry Conference

CTE3 Student Performance Tracking

Dana Aftermarket Training Academy

Dan Marinucci Street Smart Seminars

Delphi Automotive Training UK

Electude (ARGO interactive training simulations)

Eure!Car certified master training classes (Belgium)

FindAutomotiveSchools.com (Diesel schools)

Federal-Mogul Training (workshops & seminars)

Ford Automotive Technician Training

Ford Fleet Technical Training

Gates Automotive Educator's Program

Gates Rubber Co. (online video training)

General Motors Service technology Group (STG)


James Halderman Training Resources

Megatech Corporation

MAHLE Online Training

Melior Institute

Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Training

NAPA Automotive Education & Training

National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium

National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)

New Ford Tech Training Program

North American Council of Automotive Teachers

Pennco Tech Auto (Auto Body & Paint Training)

Porter and Chester Institute Automotive Training Program

Snap-On Training Solutions

Taylor Automotive Tech-Line

Technicians Service Training (TST)

The Group Training Academy (Pronto & Federated Auto Parts)

Turbo Training (Bruce Amacker, Ford Powerstroke Diesel Training)

Veejer Enterprises (electronics home-study training courses)

Wells VE Go Tech

Worldpac Technical Training (import vehicles)

ZF Aftermarket Technical Information


Advanced Automotive Institute

AMS Automotive Schools

Arizona Automotive Institute

ASE Education foundation Find a Program

Ferris State University Automotive Program

JTECH Institute

Lincoln Tech

Montana State University Northern Automotive Program

Penn Foster

Universal Technical Institute (UTI)

University of Northern Ohio Automotive Program

Waubonsee Automotive Technology Program

Weber State University Automotive Program

Wyotech (Official school of the NHRA)

Test Your Automotive Knowledge Training

The following quizzes can be used to evaluate your knowledge of each technical subject area, for training or self-education. Tests can be Downloaded, Printed or Shared. Click on each link below to View, Download or Print each PDF file.

Click Here to go to the Test Your Automotive Knowledgepage.

Air Conditioning Quiz

Automatic Transmission Quiz

Battery, Charging, Starting Systems Quiz

Brake System Quiz

Cooling System Quiz

Electrical System Basics Quiz

Emission Control Basics Quiz

Engine Components Quiz

Fuel Injection Quiz

Ignition System Quiz

OBD2 Basics Quiz

Wheel Alignment Quiz


Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Assn. (ATRA)

Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG)

Automotive Engine Rebuilders Assn. (AERA)

Automotive Service Association (ASA)

Automotive Service Councils of California (ASC-CA)

Automotive Training Mangers Council (ATMC)

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

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