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All Products Now Only Available as Part of the Everything Software Collection

November 2021: We have made a big change at CarleySoftware. Previously, you could purchase any of our automotive software products individually on a CD or as a download. We discontinued offering our individual programs on CDs some time ago because postage got too expensive. We were able to maintain our prices by delivering the software as a download. Unfortunately, many customers said they had problems either receiving the downloads because their email servers were blocking the downloads, or their anti-virus programs would not allow the downloads.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most anti-virus programs as well as educational, government, military and business email servers block ALL downloads (good or bad) as a way to protect against possible malware. There are workarounds, but it is apparently beyond the ability of some customers to figure it out

Please note that CarleySoftware has NEVER had any virus, malware, spyware or randsomware issues. We have been in business for more than 10 years and we make every effort to protect our customers by making sure our products are 100 percent safe to install or download and use. Even so, people have become so leery of downloading anything lately that sales have suffered. Consequently, we are no longer offer our products as downloads.

Going forward, we will only sell one product, the EVERYTHING software collection. It includes ALL of our software products on one CD or USB flashdrive.

The price of the EVERYTHING software collection will remain the same as before.

The Everything software package is a great deal, and provides supplemental information that can help any motorist, mechanic or student learn and understand auto repair. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than any automotive classroom textbook as well as many other training materials that are available on the internet.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to providing you with solid, accurate information on howto fix cars.

New TURBO GUIDE Released May 2, 2018

TURBO GUIDE covers the basic operation, diagnosis, repair & tuning of turbochargers for gasoline and diesel engines, stock & performance. Price: $19.95

Updated Everything CD/USB Software - November 24, 2017

The Everything Collection is now available on a USB flash drive for newer laptops that lack a CD/DVD drive. Will work with USB 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0.

Also updated OBD2 code lists in Scantool_Companion, OBD2 Guide, Sensor Guide, DTC Code Finder and Emission Guide. Includes over 600 new codes!

Updated OBD2 Code lists - November 24, 2017

The OBD2 code lists in the following programs were updated with over 600 new DTC codes: Scantool_Companion, OBD2 Guide, Sensor Guide, Emission Guide and DTC Code Finder.

Updated ABS GUIDE with new ABS Code Lists - August 30, 2016

Added a new page to the program that lists Generic ABS codes (C-codes) for all makes/models, plus OBD-II (1996 & newer) Vehicle manufacturer ABS codes.

Updated Everything CD - January 12, 2016

Added 122 new training and diagnosis articles to the Resource Files folder on the CD. That brings the total number of resource files to 380!!!

Some of the new topics added include idle stop start systems, self-driving cars, CAN network diagnosis, cruise control diagnosis, diesel diagnostics, direct fuel injection, electronic braking, electronic instrument panel troubleshooting, OBD emissions testing, what to do when OBD monitors are not ready, engine failure diagnosis, troubleshooting an engine no-start, electrical troubleshooting, fuel trim and fuel economy diagnostics, hybrid safety hazards, idle surge diagnostics, troubleshooting engine hesitation and stalling, charging system diagnostics, troubleshooting oil pressure problems, electronic throttle control, and many additional subjects. A LOT of useful diagnostic information on one CD!

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